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Welcome to Mega Karya Sampurna

Mega Karya Sampurna was established in 2011 as a company,
by incorporating the diligent supplier engineering, fabricating steel work and site construction
For such building, Warehouse, Steel bridges and general structures.

Our Mission

Mega Karya Sampurna provides products and services that meet our customers’ expectations to bring prosperity and sustainable development for Customers, Employees, Partners, Suppliers.

Our Vision

Mega Karya Sampurna becomes the leading steel construction and pre-engineered buildings corporation in terms of revenue, system quality, products and services in Indonesia.

CEO Mega Karya Sampurna


I'm Hendrik Sudharsono

Our passion, thought and hard work have fused the soul of our company. We are part of the construction industry in Indonesia. Our ongoing efforts and hard work have made us a company that has value and integrity. We are Mega Karya Sampurna.

We trust that profoundly talented and motivated employees are the way to accomplishing our goals and we will keep on providing outstanding training and investment in their future.

Ir. Hendrik Sudharsono CEO Mega Karya Sampurna


Our Experience


Years experience

Mega Karya Sampurna has more than 10 years of experience, many projects have been done and completed very well.
Mega Karya Sampurna best services:

Steel Construction

We deliver sustainable solutions and services to various steel construction.

Noise Barrier

We deliver sustainable solutions and services to various noise barrier industries.

Security Fence

We deliver sustainable solutions and services to various security fence.
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