Spreader Beam

Spreader beams are one types of below-the-hook lifting devices used to stabilize and support a load during an overhead lift. This types of devices are used to keep the lifting slings below the device at or near a 90° angle (perpendicular to the horizon). This helps to avoid damage to the load, damage to rigging hardware and lifting slings, and helps keep the slings from sliding off of the load during the lift.

Two lifting lugs on the top of the beam attach to the legs of a chain sling or synthetic sling at a particular angle designed to ensure pure compression. This evenly distributes the weight of the load across the two slings, which then connect to a crane, hoist, or other lifting machine. Two lugs on the bottom (one at each end) connect to a sling or hook which are then connected to the load.

    Project Details

  • Location: Sunter - North Jakarta
  • Years: 2019
  • Client: Jaya Konstruksi
  • GT: