Mega Karya Sampurna has completed several works and projects, this can be your reference material to get to know us

Spreader Beam

Spreader beams are one types of below-the-hook lifting devices used to stabilize and support a load during an overhead lift.

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Pedestrian Brigde

Pedestrian bridges are structures built on roads that require people to take longer routes, without obstructing the speed or movement of vehicle traffic.

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Privacy Fence MRT

Privacy Fence MRT is one of the tools that serves to block the sound of the Jakarta rapid train (Mass Rapid Transit).

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Noise Barrier MRT

Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) has called a tender to install railway noise barriers at CP 103 locations along the South Jakarta MRT lines.

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Noise Barrier Toll Road

Noise barrier is an exterior structure designed to protect inhabitants of sensitive land use areas from noise pollution.

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Tanjung Priuk Accses

We have installed a noise barrier on the transportation route to Tanjung Priuk port to avoid the noise pollution.

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